The Project

Visions for a Europe with a heart – explored with the medium of painting in collaboration with a survey and presented throughout Europe!

Become part of the project and answer twelve questions about your yearnings, dreams and visions (click here)! All questionnaires and some selected paintings find their way into the art exhibition #iPaintYourDreams! – European Visions.

Robert Menasse, who was awarded the German Book Prize for his European novel “The Capital”, also supports the project. The painting based on his statements in the questionnaire will be an integral part of the exhibition.

The project has already received a lot of support in the concept phase and should i.a. be exhibited in the EU Parliament.

Looking forward to your participation,

Andrea Cochius

The Artist

"Ich träume von einer Gesellschaft, die Visionen hat. Die empfindsam ist, verträumt und reflektiert. Ich wünsche mir eine Gesellschaft, die Schönheit sieht."


Andrea Cochius is a trained stone sculptor and studied artist (Bachelor of Arts / Kunsthochschule Kassel).

Her artistic work covers a wide range and has already taken her to the remotest parts of the earth. So she collected on the streets of India life stories of chance encounters, which she gave a face on the sketchbook (Bio-graphical Short Stories). Her work as an art and culture blogger brought her an official invitation to the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Her paintings and drawings have been exhibited many times, including in Berlin, Miami and Basel; her illustrations published in poetry and poetry books.

Furthermore, Andrea Cochius is involved in the association Working on Europe around Simon Strauss and supports the work of the Europe-Engaged u. a. as a video documentary.

Andrea Cochius is a member of the Gedok and the BBK.


Become part of the art project #iPaintYourDreams! – European Visions and answer twelve questions on the following aspects: Who am I and what do I find beautiful? What are my personal visions and dreams? And how can the future of Europe be shaped positively? Your information ends in a painting. Both the completed questionnaire and possibly the resulting painting will be part of the art exhibition #iPaintYourDreams! – European Visions.

Planned are exhibitions in the following places:

  • Political (embassies, Bundestag, country representatives, European Parliament)
  • Cultural meeting places
  • Online platforms (eg “Pulse of Europe” / virtual exhibition)

Participate now!




Let your personal dream painting emerge, which can be found in the traveling exhibition #iPaintYourDreams! – European Visions can be presented and thereby support the realization of the project! Put yourself or the person portrayed on your behalf to a unique artistic monument.

1.) Please complete the painting questionnaire first (click here) or have it completed by the person for whom the painting is intended.

2.) Sign then on the order form (click here) and send or email both copies to the address given there. I will contact you shortly afterwards and we will talk about the further course.

Any questions? E-mail me, even with your phone number. I’ll call you back immediately.


Support the project #iPaintYourDreams! – European Visions through a one-time payment or the completion of a sponsoring membership. (Directions will follow)


The art project #iPaintYourDreams! – European Visions is about translating the participants’ personal and European visions into unique works of art. Every #iPaintYourDreams!-Painting answers the questions: 1.) Who am I? 2.) What are my personal visions and dreams? 3.) How can the future of Europe be made positive?

Every #iPaintYourDreams!-Participant is the creator of his image and vision. You can even influence the artistic style. The painter Andrea Cochius serves as a kind of “medium” and artistic translator.

When choosing your preferences, the focus is on beauty in the sense of Plato, but also in the sense of the philosopher Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten (1714-1762), who founded aesthetics as a philosophical discipline and called beauty “perfection of sensory knowledge”.

The questionnaires and their implementation in paintings make our individual and shared dreams visible: for us personally and for our society. And they show what a worthwhile future of Europe could look like.

For a long time, the idea of ​​a united Europe was just a bold dream of visionaries. A dream that is taking shape more and more over the past few years.

The merger of European countries has ensured a peaceful and progressive cooperation and proves that a united Europe is greater than the sum of its parts.

But on this brightly lit idea a dark shadow is spreading: The anti-European and prejudiced populism that wants to defame and destroy the idea of ​​Europe.

We want to keep the European dream alive. Very practical with political concepts such as “area of ​​freedom, security and justice” or answers to questions, e.g. how we can strengthen European identity while respecting cultural diversity. The prerequisite for any good answer is that we open our hearts and develop visions!

And here you are asked: Your answers to the questionnaire will create an art project that will help to keep the European dream alive and ensure that its continuation takes place, can be realized: #iPaintYourDreams! – European Visions.

"Das #iPaintYourDreams!-Prinzip zum Entwickeln positiver Visionen geht aus vom Individuum und nimmt im nächsten Schritt Bezug auf Umwelt und Gesellschaft. Auf diese Weise wird aus dem abstrakten Konstrukt Europa etwas unmittelbar Erspür- und Erlebbares. Weil Europa nicht nur eine Frage des Verstandes, sondern auch eine Frage des Herzens ist!"


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Questions and Answers

Thanks for your interest. Contact us by mail at mail@andrea-cochius.de and we are happy to talk about times, extent, duration and other details.

Thanks for your interest. We are already working on a “European Visions” school kit. Leave a note to mail@andrea-cochius.de and we will let you know when it is ready.

Thanks for your interest. For interviews, background information and pictures please contact mail@andrea-cochius.de.

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