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The project wants to find out the dreams and visions of Europeans – so that we can see what we consider as beautiful! 28 professions are interviewed across 28 EU countries through the European Visions questionnaireThe results will be presented in a traveling exhibition through 28 paintings, cinematic documents and accompanying infographics.

From postman to architect to politician. What does the Czech construction worker dream of? And what about the German one? Which is the Spanish architect’s favourite artist? And what visions does a Greek philosopher have about our society? 784 answered questionnaires are the basis of a playful and imaginative study of what we “Europeans” find to be beautiful. EUROPEAN VISIONS makes the basic needs and cultural characteristics of our society visible.

In each of the 28 EU Member States, 28 of the professional respondents listed on the list will be interviewed (28 × 28 = 784). 28 questionnaires find their implementation in a painting, which is oriented in the highest possible accuracy to the information provided in the questionnaire. The selection of the paintings to be realized is made in such a way that EVERY country and EVERY occupation appear exactly once. It is not the artist who determines the picture elements (color, art style, picture motif), but the person interviewed by the questionnaire. The free choice of picture elements makes it possible to see which styles still fascinate people most throughout the history of art. Also, the nature of the person being questioned is symbolized, as their inner / individual is shown by the choice of picture elements.

Since time immemorial, people are longing for beauty and trying to “bring beauty into the world and into their lives” (Birgit Recki: “Apology of Beauty in a Pragmatic Perspective”). And by no means in a superficial sense. Even for Plato beauty is not to be considered in isolation, but only in connection with the good, the morally excellent, and the truth.

Ultimately, there is a lack of beauty in this world in a comprehensive sense that also includes ethical and political dimensions. The experience of beauty can contribute significantly to a fairer and better society. (See Konrad Paul Ließmann, “Beauty”)

Robert Menasse and Andrea Cochius

A traveling exhibition across Europe unites our society about their visions and their individual sense of the beautiful – created by people of all social classes from all EU member states!

The paintings are based as much as possible on the information provided in the questionnaire. Stations of the traveling exhibition will be cities and municipalities – national and European – and the European Parliament in Brussels.

Award-winning author Robert Menasse also supports the project. He wrote the European novel “The Capital” and was awarded the German Book Prize. The painting, which is based on his statements in the questionnaire, will be part of the exhibition.

Looking forward to your participation!

Andrea Cochius (Artist and initiator)

"I dream of a society that has visions. That is sensitive, dreamy and reflected. I wish for a society that sees beauty."


Andrea Cochius is a trained stone sculptor, a studied artist (Kunsthochschule Kassel) and has a completed teacher training in the subjects art and German.

Her artistic work covers a wide range and has already taken her to the remotest parts of the earth. So she collected on the streets of India life stories of chance encounters, which she gave a face on the sketchbook (“Bio-graphical Short Stories”). Her work as an art and culture blogger brought her an official invitation to the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Her paintings and drawings have been exhibited many times, including in Berlin, Miami and Basel; her illustrations are published in poetry books.

Furthermore, Andrea Cochius is involved in the association “Arbeit an Europa” and supports the work of the Europe-Engaged u. a. as a video documentary. Andrea Cochius is a member of the GEDOK (Gemeinschaft der Künstlerinnen und Kunstförderer) and the BBK (Bund Bildender Künstler).

Take part!

The aim is to show paintings in a traveling exhibition across Europe, giving insights into the soul life of Europeans and hoping for a more beautiful Europe.

The graphics➡️, all 784 questionnaires➡️ answered and the research reports➡️ will also shed light on which styles we Europeans prefer, which personal experiences we find particularly beautiful and how we envision a Europe in which it is worth living.

In addition, the artworks and related information will be incorporated into educational materials for schools.

EUROPEAN VISIONS-questionnaire, page 2

All people are addressed who are interested in the dreams and visions of Europeans. This project can serve as a bridge to other worlds of imagination. And all people who believe in a Europe of togetherness and not of the against each other.

In a Europe where racism, discrimination and exclusion have no chance!

Find a person who is a missing mosaic on the list➡️:


EUROPEAN VISIONS painting: “Frank Schwalba-Hoth, politician,🇩🇪” acrylic and oil on canvas, 100×100 cm >> To the questionnaire Frank Schwalba-Hoth

Why should you support this project?

  • Because the traveling exhibition will inspire us in many ways to reflect on our present and future togetherness.
  • Because with the parallel teaching material, the idea of ​​tolerance, human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law is carried into the schools to the young people.
  • And because it is worthwhile to develop visions for a better society by focusing on beauty!

Support the projectby letting arise your own EUROPEAN VISIONS painting about yourself or another person, which will be shown in the exhibition. Or you can buy the autographed book. You can also take on a teaching material sponsorship. The possibilities are many!

On the support-page, all this will soon be possible online. Project support is already possible from ten euros.

Your own painting!

Make a decisive contribution to the realization of the project by turning your vision or that of a person you are curious into into a painting!

These answered questionnaires are available for the implementation in a painting ➡️available questionnaires for the implementation in a painting. Or you find / know a person from the list, or let me track it down! This one should be a missing mosaic on the occupational and country list➡️. You know such a person yourself? You want me to find a specific person for you? Mail➡️ is enough. This EUROPEAN VISIONS painting is then not only in your possession, but is also presented as your loan in the traveling exhibition.

A) Please complete the painting questionnaire➡️ on your home computer/make it filled out by the person you are curious about or ask me to find that person!

Do you have more questions? E-mail➡️ me, even with your phone number. I’ll call you back immediately!

B) Then sign the order form➡️ and send or email both copies to the address given there.

C) In order for the painting to correspond as closely as possible to the ideas of the person standing behind it, it has the opportunity to take a decisive influence on a true-to-original sketch before the beginning of the painting process.

This is how we fill the European map with dreams:

To the background

“What do I feel as beautiful? What are my personal visions and dreams and what visions do I have regarding the society of Europe?”

These are some of the questions I ask the participants of the project. 28 occupations are surveyed across 28 EU countries. More than 784 answered arches will create a (non-representative) study of what “we Europeans” consider to be beautiful.

The questionnaire, which the participants answer in advance, examines the subject of beauty on several levels:

The Formal Beauty within Visual Arts: Each participant is the creator of his image and vision. You can decisively influence the artistic style of the resulting painting.

The beautiful experience (description of personal experiences): The questionnaire asks you to reflect on experiences that are of real importance in your life.

The beautiful society (description of positive visions for a European society): The questionnaire encourages you to think about a worthwhile future of European society.

For a long time, the idea of ​​a united Europe was just a bold dream of visionaries. A dream that is taking shape more and more over the last few years.

The merger of the European countries ensured a peaceful and progressive cooperation and proves that a united Europe is greater than the sum of its parts.

But on this bright idea spreads a dark shadow: The anti-European and prejudiced populism, which wants to defame and destroy the idea of ​​Europe.

We want to keep the European dream alive. Very practical with political concepts such as “area of ​​freedom, security and justice” or answers to questions, e.g. How we can strengthen European identity while taking cultural diversity into account. The prerequisite for any good answer is that we open our hearts and develop visions!

And here you are asked: Your answers to the questionnaire will create an art project that will help to keep alive the European dream and to ensure that it can continue to be realized: EUROPEAN VISIONS – Humans behind Europe.

"This concept for developing positive visions starts from the individual and in the next step refers to the environment and society. In this way, the abstract construct Europe becomes something immediately tangible and experienceable. Because Europe is not only a question of the mind, but also a question of the heart!"


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